Gary Glenz - CF-L2

Gary Glenz - CF-L2


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 CrossFit Kids coach Gary Glenz motivates kids to WANT to excel and have fun! “I’m passionate about our next generation being better than our generation,” he says. “We have some epidemics in this country that we have the power to correct, and I firmly believe we can do that, one child at a time.”

What Gary loves most about coaching kids is seeing their unfiltered passion and excitement. “Most adults aren’t as free with their emotions as kids are,” he says. After seeing what great things CrossFit was doing for adults, Gary found out about CrossFit Kids and knew he wanted to get certified so he could work with children.

Gary is a husband and father to four “wonderful children who make me proud on a daily basis,” he says. “They mean everything to me, and they allow me to take time from them to help mold our next generation in to something better.”

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