Better Every Day

Longview’s Premier CrossFit Facility

At FOE CrossFit, we’re all about community...and results. We think outside of our box: We believe that passion, hard work and dedication are the tools needed for success—and that goes above and beyond regular WODs. We will provide you with those critical tools, and we’ll expect you to pay it forward.

Here, our community is truly the heart of our gym. There’s a real sense of belonging, and you’ll always be valued as a member of our community. Everyone here is committed to each other’s personal best, both inside and outside of the box.

Every workout you do here will be scaled to fit your current level of fitness, so you’ll be pushed you to your limits, but not too far. We focus on proper form over numbers or reps, because good form gets you further—and bad form gets you hurt. Focus on form always delivers the best results.

At FOE CrossFit, you’ll love the amount of support and encouragement you receive from everyone around you. We can’t wait to meet you—and share in your triumphs and accomplishments!

The best hour of your day.

Our Facility

FOE CrossFit’s huge 6,000-square-foot facility in Longview is everything you want in a CrossFit gym. Our clean, well-stocked box still features a shower in each bathroom, plus all the cool CrossFit tools you know and love, so you’ll never waste your workout or shower time waiting for your turn. The hardest part of the whole experience is you getting yourself to our gym every day—but we know that once you do, it’ll always be the best hour of your day. Click the button below to take a photo tour of FOE CrossFit now.

  • I am capable of more than I realized! It's hard to push yourself when you're working out alone, but having the coaches right by your side encouraging you takes you to a whole new level.

    Karla Luna

  • I love how supportive all the coaches and other members are. I look forward to coming to the gym each day, and had never felt like that about working out before joining.

    Brittney Sanders

  • I love the people. We come in and get to know each other a little each time. It truly is a community. I feel I've learned a lot about myself, one being, I can do hard things when I put my mind to it and with excellent coaching, I'm confident enough to try.

    Kristen Stebbins